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Talking To Your Parents While There is Still Time

Many clients in their 50’s and 60’s are increasingly worried about the finances of their aging parents. This is especially true when it is difficult to predict interest income on investments.   They often ask: ‘How do I talk to them about their care and their finances?‘   This topic raises many sensitive family dynamics […]

What if I Can’t Look After My Affairs?

Clarke owned a small business that employed three other people besides him. He had sole signing authority on his business bank account, and personally had a joint mortgage on his home with his wife, Lois. His car was registered in his name only.   Clarke was generous with gifts on special occasions and holidays for […]

Life Insurance Simplified

Life insurance, including mortgage or creditor insurance, is a key tool in your financial arsenal. This article will provide a high-level overview to help you better understand your choices when considering life insurance as part of your overall financial strategy.Life insurance, at its core, protects the standard of living of loved ones left behind after […]