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BHAG for 2019

As you look to 2019 for a fresh beginning, we invite you to set your intentions to have a breakthrough year! To do that, you are invited to reach for and set some Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG)!


That’s right! Why look to set incremental goals when you can set goals that cause you to expand your horizons and reach for results beyond your wildest expectations. The idea is to invite yourself to reach beyond what you think is possible or realistic with your goals.


Perhaps this means that you will need to examine and stretch beyond limiting beliefs that hold you back from financial and personal success. This may include some introspection about what rules about money and life that you unconsciously inherited growing up and that may no longer serve you.


For example, one pattern may be the ability to earn a high income but be constantly struggling with high spending, juggling bills and tight cash flows. Another pattern may be an internal type of thermostat or governor that allows for financial and life success to a certain point and then you pull back from greater success.


These types of self-limiting rules may have served a purpose in the past but may no longer be needed in your current life. Or perhaps you recognize that you keep hitting some invisible barrier that is holding you back from true fulfillment and success!


One goal setting technique is to set huge, seemingly impossible goals and take action to make those goals a reality. To really break through your barriers, these must be goals that resonate with you emotionally as well logically to pull you forward into action, even if you don’t believe it is possible to reach those goals.


All that is really needed is consistent action, fueled by a heart-felt passion to accomplish the goals no matter how outside the norm it is for you. This is one form of goal setting that focuses on laying down new patterns of behaviour instead of attempting to understand and shift old out-dated beliefs and behaviour.


And the best news of all is that you have likely already experienced this type of goal setting sometime in your past. This may have been the time you decided to buy a new house with very limited cash, or have a child, not knowing how you would handle the finances, or moved to another city to start a new career, or borrowed money from friends and family to start that successful new business venture, etc., etc.


Therefore, it is time to put resignation and apathy behind you for 2019 and set some challenging new goals, which might include maximizing your RRSP, starting or maximizing your TFSA, setting up a real emergency fund for rainy days, paying off your credit card debt in the next 6 months, or paying off your mortgage. It could also include taking that dream vacation, retiring early, starting a new business or selling an existing business. Or even increasing your income by a large amount!


You are only limited by your imagination as to what is possible or realistic, so we encourage you to call us today to brainstorm some creative ideas that will propel your forward in life in a big way. Remember only truly BHAG ideas are welcome.


Wishing you and your loved ones continued success and happiness in 2019.



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